To provide all my current and future customers with everything they need to make their backyard water dreams become reality, and back it up with first class service that will allow them to simply enjoy.


After completing Trades Training at Camosun College and receiving my Certificate of Qualification for carpentry in 1985, I was employed by Van Isle Water Services Ltd. primarily to build swimming pools. In 1989 I was promoted to head of the pool and spa construction division.

In addition to trade school, I have completed numerous pool and spa courses as well as attending various pool and spa seminars.

During construction I am the project supervisor and will be on site the majority of the time work is proceeding. I will be personally involved in all aspects of the work, and will ensure my subtrades work is completed to my standards.


I provide a full range of services for my clients: from consultation and design, through construction and installation, to service and sales. I am dedicated to the creation of waterscapes of exceptional and enduring quality.


It is not the customerís responsibility, ever, to make a claim to a manufacturer. For the first year, coverage is "stem to stern" and my priority is always to get you, my customer, back in service. For the duration of the warranty, as well as any other time service is necessary, I am the one and only phone call you will need to make to obtain service.


We carry two million dollars of liability insurance. All staff are covered by Workers Compensation of BC.